On 17 April in Lublin - in Automotive School named after St.Syroczyński, at 10A Długosza avenue, another step of the "Young HR" programme was inaugurated.


The ceremony was participated by representatives of Inter Cars SA., suppliers and local authorities. The school in Lublin is the number 16 in the Young HR programme. Within the programme the school shall receive most modern garage equipment worth PLN 100k and a training package worth PLN 30k.


Young HR is a unique programme which brings together two worlds, i.e. education and business. The main objective of the programme is spreading automotive knowledge among young people studying in automotive schools, and providing easier start in the labour market. This way Inter Cars S.A. in cooperation with its business partners wants to create the automotive market and set new trends, by flow of knowledge among partners of the programme, trainings, trainer programs and apprenticeships. The Young HR programme has influence on all companies participating in it: schools, pupils, garages, manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and garage equipment.


The programme is aimed at students of automotive schools. Participation is realized in the form of extra classes, which allow students gain knowledge about modern motorization, confirmed with tests and a Certificate.


Each school joining the programme receives a package of devices worth PLN 100,000 and a package of trainings worth PLN 30,000. Till the end of 2014, the Young HR programme included 15 schools. The aim of the programme is to associate 20 schools all over the country by the end of 2015.  


The year 2014 was also the year when students participating in the programme graduated their schools for the first time. We want to use social media to stay in touch with them. This way we shall be able to monitor if they stay in the industry and stay in contact with the knowledge they gained in the programme. This shall be a constant practice thanks to which we will be able to monitor the effectiveness of the programme in the future.  


Partners of the programme have an unusual chance to share their knowledge with the students, showing technology of service and the specificity of their products. It is a long-term investment which shall benefit in the future, when the students start their career.


You can find all the films about the Young HR programme at  www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy_c9sRdzhV9e97BllHNeMaBZckMD9ZaZ


More about the programme at  www.szkolenia.intercars.com.pl 


Strategic partners: Bosch, Castrol, Luk Ina Fag


Programme partners: ContiTech, KYB, NTN SNR, Osram, Meritor  


Source: autoexpert. pl