Intermeko Europe Sp. z o.o. is an effect of cooperation between Inter Cars SA. and Mekonomen Nya Affärer AB. The aim of the company is to create an ideal testing laboratory.


Mekonomen is the biggest automotive spare parts and accessories distributor in Scandinavia. They operate in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, based on a similar business model as Inter Cars SA. In the newly established company, both parties have 50% of shares. Intermeko Company shall be composed of Laboratory and Quality Control Department of Inter Cars SA with the entire team and technical background, which includes:
  • material strength testing  bench for suspension elements, fixing elements and for testing resilience of suspension springs and clutch covers;
  • bench for checking the damping force and characteristics of shock absorbers;
  • preparation benches, including: computerized cut-off machines, polishing machine, grinding machine, press for mounting samples using "cold" method;
  • microscope testing;
  • stereoscope testing;
  • metal hardness testing;
  • rubber elements hardness testing;
  • precise geometrical measurements - altimeter by Mitutoyo;
  • runout measuring device for brake disks and drums;
  • cabin pump and servomotor tester;
  • cooling system leak tester;
  • quality control;
  • torque spanner calibration tool. 
The purpose of the agreement is to continuously monitor product quality, of goods distributed by both companies, using the laboratory. Thanks to this Customers will have full information on products purchased by them. In the nearest future the company shall be recapitalized and gain new devices, thanks to which the testing possibilities of Intermeko shall be much wider, among others with stands for testing pneumatic elements, microdurometer, for testing the geometrical parameters of rubber elements, chemical composition, noise, vibration of bearings and hubs and climate control chamber, ending with device for mounting samples.
Intermeko Europe is also planning to accept orders and render services for external companies from other countries in Europe. Thanks to this it will be possible to generate new quality for budget product lines, and the customers will better access to impartial information about the product.
Step into the future
Students from schools participating in "Young HR" programme, within a trip to Inter Cars SA. Centre in Kajetany, had a chance to visit Intermeko Europe laboratory.
During the visits, the participants could see, among other things, test of bearings and also to find out how many factors influence their proper work. Besides that they could observe measurement of hardness of aluminium elements of a multi link suspension of a car made by VW group. On the example of FZ5540 they learned that aluminium alloy characterizes with smaller mass than steel, but also that they are more prone to impact force in low temperatures. The next stop was a fatigue tester made by Heckert company - thanks to this machine the students were presented one of basic tests for crucial safety criterion. This was a trial of pulling out a ball joint from a rocker arm. The visitors also took part in a test of metallographic structure of metals. They checked materials used for production of wheel hubs, under magnification of x400. In this case the right structure confirms the right heat treatment of material used in production process.
Another opportunity for presenting material testing possibilities was the last Inter Cars EXPO. Intermeko Europe booth was situated next to private brands of Inter Cars SA. Besides presenting tests of automotive spare parts, we were also able to present different experiments which were based on physical and chemical characteristics of metals. Expo visitors could see for themselves how important is the right choice of materials being used for manufacturing of automotive spare parts, including corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.
Source: forumtransportu. pl