There were lots of football emotions.  The pitches located at Księcia Bolesława Street in Warsaw hosted 16 teams from all over the country, representing branches and subsidiaries of Inter Cars. Besides the players, there were also the keenest supporters, who cheered the contestants. The event started with a warm-up, and afterwards the teams went to their pitches to play matches.  Below we are presenting the results.


  • ¼  finale Inter Cars IT - IC Waryński  2:2,  penalty shots 3:2 for Inter Cars IT
  • ¼ finale IC Rybnik  - Lauber Sp. z o.o.  6:2
  • ¼ finale IC Sandomierz - J&M Logistics  7:1
  • ¼ finale ILS Sp. z o.o  -  Glob Cars – 2:1
  • ½ finale  Inter Cars IT - IC Rybnik   -  1:5
  • ½ finale IC Sandomierz - ILS Sp. z o.o.  -  6:1 

IC Rybnik  - IC Sandomierz  3:9 

As a result of playoffs, the following teams were promoted to the final round:


  1. IC Sandomierz
  2. IC Rybnik
  3. IC-IT
  4. ILS Sp. z o.o.
  5. IC Waryński
  6. Glob Cars
  7. Lauber Sp. z o.o.
  8. J&M Logistics

The top-scorers:

  • Damian Lipiec  IC Sandomierz  - 12 goals
  • Dawid Buchalik IC Rybnik   -  12 goals

The finale takes place on 6 March 2016. Besides 8 teams from qualifiers in the final round, there will also be representatives of foreign branches from Romania, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia (one team), Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia and Ukraine together with Inter Cars Headquarters team. Last year's tournament, just like the one played in 2014 was won by team from Romania. At the beginning of March we shall see who shall be the winner of this year’s edition of the tournament.