The first meeting of representatives of garages associated in Inter Cars garage chains took place in a luxurious hotel Narvil.

In Serock upon Narew, representatives of the automotive industry came on the invitation of Inter Cars. There, in Narvil Conference & Spa Hotel, was the first meeting for the owners of garages, associated in one of the chains: Q-Service, Q-Service Moto, Q-Service Premium and Perfect Service.

The main point on the agenda was a conference, which was held with a lead slogan: Partnership and Change. Its aim was to draw attention of garage owners to the needs of change and innovation. Inter Cars not only encourages to introduce new solutions, thanks to which one can be ahead of competition and create the market, but also offers professional support in this area. The company gets involved in the process of development of garages, as we are aware that previous good practices may not be good nowadays, as the time goes by and everything changes. The standards are changing, and garage owners need to keep up with those changes, keeping in mind that the right approach to a customer is equally important to professional repair. Thanks to such elements the professional market of independent garages can be an alternative for OE garages.

The first speaker was Alfred Franke, the President of Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturers and Distributors Association, who deals with market analysis for many years and fights for the rights of the independent market. In his speech, he focussed on the topic of partnership between a distributor and a customer, analysing market potential and developing the range of offered services. Then the representatives of Inter Cars presented the idea of purchase potential and the idea of investment programmes.

Przemysław Szulejewski, Director of North-East region spoke about the most important benefits, resulting from garage offer. There also had to be the Bio Service representatives, who discussed the problem of safe waste management. Whilst Tomasz Ładosz, Manager of Inter Cars SA Garage Chains Department was talking about building the highest standard of customer service, chain offers and the need of continuous development. During the conference, it has also been reminded how important it is to purchase new devices to a garage. Marta Ciesielska, Garage Chains Department Deputy Manager ran a panel discussion on trainings for employees of garages associated in garage chains, and also the „Young HR” programme, thanks to which the Company supports schools educating future mechanics.

For the conclusion, three garages were rewarded for having top standards of customer service. Commemorative statues went to: Karol Kukiełka from Nova Auto Kukiełka sp.j., Tadeusz Suchecki from Autoservice Brok Stacja Kontroli Pojazdów and Sławomir Kopyciński from Elektronika Pojazdowa Sławomir Kopyciński.

The conference, besides broadening knowledge, was also a chance to swap experiences between garage owners and to make new relationships. But the chain meeting is not only professional topics. In the evening everyone was invited to a solemn diner, and then Nowaki comic formation entertained the guests. Finally a dance party started and lasted till the morning light.

The meeting in Serock was the first of the series of meetings for representatives of chain garages. There are still 4 conferences to take place:

  • Central region - 16-17.04, Hotel Ossa, Rawa Mazowiecka. Evening star: Chatelet Comic formation
  • Eastern region - 23-24.04, Hotel Belvedere, Zakopane. Evening star: Jurki Comic formation
  • Southern region - 4-5.06, Hotel Belvedere, Zakopane. Evening star: Chatelet Comic formation
  • Northern region - 11-12.06, (the venue to be announced soon). Evening star: Jurki Comic formation