Thanks to the Logistics Centre in Zakroczym, Inter Cars has a chance to become a European giant of the automotive industry:  On 27 May there was a solemn ceremony of signing a Foundation Act for the investment. 

The ceremony was participated by lots of noble guests, among others, Janusz Piechociński, vice-premier and minister for the economy, Marek Karólewski, President of the Warmian-Mazurian Special Economic Zone, Magdalena Biernacka, Staros of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and Artur Ciecierski, Mayor of Zakroczym.  Inter Cars SA. was represented by Krzysztof Oleksowicz, founder and member of the Management Board of the Company, who said: "A year ago we were celebrating the anniversary of great changes in Poland, as 25 years ago Poland became a free country. Free not only politically, but also economically. This year, Inter Cars is celebrating its 25th anniversary of presence on the market, and we can easily say that it is a child of freedom. Thanks to free economy, the company is today one of the biggest companies in Europe. But maybe it is still not enough, maybe in a year or two, our appetites will be growing and we will start operating even further, not only in Europe. It is possible, and the foundation for those activities is the investment in Zakroczym". He also referred to excellent cooperation between the company and local authorities and national authorities:  Inter Cars SA. for the first time took advantage of public aid, thanks to this the investment is so big and so modern.  That is why I would like to thank the local authority for cooperation when creating this place.  There were partner relations between us, far from an inquirer-clerk relation.  With our joint efforts we want to reach a success, profitable for all parties" 
The host of the ceremony was Wojciech Aleksandrowicz, President of ILS Sp. z o.o., logistics operator of Inter Cars SA. He was the one who presented the details of the investment.  The aim of ILS, daughter company of Inter Cars SA., is to create logistics premises, based on innovative technological solutions, which is to increase the possibilities of flow of goods substantially. ILS European Logistics Centre will be realizing the following tasks: receipt of goods from suppliers, order realization, order picking, breaking bulk and returns of goods, and cross-docking.  The centre will be operating more efficiently thanks to locating the logistics operations in one place and using modern technical solutions.  Greater productivity of goods flow and additional services will result in greater potential of Inter Cars Group, for which this shall be the main warehouse in the whole logistics of the company. 
The ILS European Logistics Centre shall be composed of three halls with total storage area of 40,000sqm. Modern hall, with 30,000sqm, is being constructed, two other are already at the premises and were adapted, featuring 5,000sqm area.  There will also be a three-storey office building with total area of 3,600sqm, administrative buildings, dispatchers' building and a parking for almost 600 vehicles.
The main warehouse is to have a complete 4-level rack system, 17,000 pallet places and 18,000 shelf places, together with conveyor of total length of 11km, which will be connected with two modern sorters. The hall will be 10 metres high. The construction was scheduled in such a way, that from the beginning of September 2015 it will be possible to start assembly of a conveyor, sorters and rack system in the warehouse. The rack system will be delivered by Wandalex S.A. On all 4 levels there will be over 56k sqm. of storage area and the weight of the rack system is almost 1,800 tons.  The two smaller warehouse halls will be used for storing flammable materials, body parts and tyres and wheel rims.
During the speech, Janusz Piechociński handed in Medal for Contribution to the Economy of Poland to Inter Cars SA, and separately to Krzysztof Oleksowicz himself. The medal is awarded for outstanding achievements in innovation, promotion of Polish industry, implementation of new technologies, performing testing and development activities and implementing effective management methods. Managers who receive this reward have crucial contribution in setting top standards of running a business in Poland, and activities of their companies have positive influence on competitiveness of our economy.
Ceremony of signing the Foundation Act for the construction of Logistics Centre in Zakroczym was at the same time inauguration of Zakroczym sub-zone of Warmian-Mazurian Special Economic Zone. Co-signatories were: Krzysztof Oleksowicz, Wojciech Aleksandrowicz, Janusz Piechociński, Marek Karólewski, Magdalena Biernacka and Artur Ciecierski. In this symbolic way we have started a common project, which will influence development of Polish economy.  „ILS European Logistics Centre, which appears on Polish map, is the best example of how Polish companies can grow to international European giants. At this point we also have a feeling that this is just the beginning of dynamic development of Inter Cars Capital Group.  I am glad, that as Citi Handlowy we can be a financial partner of our customer – Inter Cars in this ambitious plan of international expansion, which is realized consistently and successfully by the company. This perfectly shows the essence of our programme Emerging Market Champions, in which we are supporting Polish companies beyond the borders of Poland, with advantage for everybody: customers and Polish economy” – summarized Maciej Kropidłowski, vice-president of Citi Handlowy.
Source: Transport Technika Motoryzacyjna