Tests with supplier

In the middle of April there were sorter tests in the ILS European Logistics and Development Centre in Zakroczym. They were important, as the representatives of the supplier, Beumer Company and the investor took part in them. The main part was played by cross-belt sorter. Before, similar test had been done in Beumer factory in Germany. For the need of tests there were goods with several sizes, dimensions and weights. They were put manually onto the sorter by a warehouse employee. Before the item got onto the belt, it had to be scanned. Next the item was moved at a speed of 1.5 m/s to be delivered to the right chute.

Before the tests, there was information that not all the goods will be sortable. Here we mean body parts, tyres and oversize goods. For these goods there is a manual path. Tests in this respect have not been performed yet. The same applies to sensitive goods which can get damaged when delivered to the right chute. The next for passing tests was the shipping sorter. In this case there was also no problem.

It is worth noticing that the tests only check the correctness of mechanical parts operations using the goods of the investor. In the coming months there will be IT system tests, and in this process also Asseco Company shall be involved, a supplier of WMS system, which will have to cooperate with Beumer software, in order to ensure the right flow of goods in the warehouse.


Modern technology

Thanks to modern system of sorters, it will be possible to sort 30k items of goods and 2.5k parcels per hour in the ILS European Logistics and Expansion Centre. This means that the goods shall reach customers much faster, and the risk of errors shall be eliminated almost completely.

The sorter system will be composed of stock replenishment station and returns service station, conveyors, cross belt sorter for goods, sorting them for customers and shipping sorter (dividing parcels to different delivery directions).

Crossbelt sorter is a sorter with cross belt construction. The goods are placed on wide square belts, which move in established trajectory. In a proper place, the belt directs the goods on it to the left or right. Removing the goods to a proper chute is realized by turning the belt mechanically. The risk of collection errors will be minimized practically to zero - crossbelt sorter gives 99% certainty of correct item sorting.

Whilst shoe sorter is a device which provides high efficiency and accuracy of sorting many kinds of goods. It is a horizontal, highly efficient sorting system, which conveyor is made of pressed aluminium profiles. The construction of the conveyor is closed so no goods can fall or be stuck. Sliding elements of the sorter move gently along the profiles, changing the direction of goods which are moved towards the slide to the point of collection. The number of used slide elements depends on the length of sorted goods. The system makes it possible to sort to one or both sides of the conveyor.

The ILS European Logistics and Expansion Centre is to be open at the beginning of 2017. Currently the level of realization can be assessed to be at about 90 – 95%. In March it has been a year since the construction started.


source: truckfocus.pl