Tuesday, 23 June 2015 was a very important day for Polish automotive industry. Exactly on that day, Inter Cars Company was celebrating its 25 anniversary. Inter Cars is the biggest in Poland and the whole Central and Eastern Europe distributor of automotive spare parts. On the occasion of birthday, in Warsaw's Hilton Hotel, the company held a three-hour Conference of Investor Relations of Inter Cars SA, with leading slogan „Bridge to the future”.

Within 25 years the company has changed totally.  Today it is the fifth supplier of spare parts in Europe and tenth in the whole world, and we need to keep in mind that its competitors in the ranks are businesses with much longer history, located on rich western markets.  In this context we can speak about huge success of our local business.  Piotr Zamora, Chief Financial Officer of Inter Cars SA. told us about this:  When a Polish entrepreneur conquers foreign markets, becomes one of the most important players in its industry, the whole Polish entrepreneurship gains on this.  Foreign markets gain opinion that in Poland there are also people who can do business on a high level.  For us it is a special reason for being proud and we do hope that soon presence of Polish capital in Europe will not be a surprise, but a normal situation. 
The hosts of the conference were Piotr Zamora, Robert Kierzek - President of the Board of the company and Krzysztof Soszyński - Vice-President.  The theme songs were memories of the past quarter-century in relation to the plans of further development of the company.  – It is not possible to talk about the future, not talking about the past – pointed out Krzysztof Soszyński. – Inter Cars would not become „a baby of freedom” without the so called Wilczek's Act, which allowed establishing companies by all, on equal terms. Without free elections there would not be all this.  And this way the great year of 1989, giving the foundations for Polish economic development, also gave foundation for establishment of Inter Cars. 
A very effective, multimedia presentation took us through the most important stages of development of Polish automotive industry, starting from 1989 up to today.  Gentlemen emphasised mostly the meaning if innovativeness and entrepreneurship, as the main triggers of the company, which found its place not only on the Polish market, but also the European business.  They also talked about challenges.  Both, about those already taken and which brought measurable results, and also about those which will have to be taken, in order to achieve even more success in the coming years. Business partners were also delivered special thanks for the past 25 years of cooperation.  – Implementation of IT system, opening Central Warehouse in Czosnów and distribution chain based on partnership model of cooperation were quite a challenge for the organization, as well as for all the stakeholders of the company – said Krzysztof Soszyński. – We have done it many times, but this moment I would like to give my warmest thanks to suppliers of spare parts, capital as well as the customers for the support given to us. 
A video presentation of all the managers of foreign subsidiaries of the company made a great impression on all the guests.  Finally we saw the faces of people who are responsible for almost 1/3 of sales revenues of the company, and at the same time confirm international power of the company.  Each of the regional managers of Inter Cars welcomed all the conference guests in their own language, usually giving the board of directors’ best wishes on the occasion of 25th anniversary.  Piotr Zamora could not hold back his emotions.  – It is a sight for sore eyes when one can hear such words – with these words he summarized the speeches of foreign guests.  – Such opinions make us sure that decision of development of distribution chain abroad was a good one and that with such people we are able to become leaders in the whole Europe. – We are happy that, starting from today, the name „foreign subsidiaries” has a face of particular team of people who are behind the success – added Robert Kierzek with a smile.
Before the conference was finished, the board of management managed to inform about some new ideas of Inter Cars, which included, among others, Motowygoda programme. The project includes launching drivers' service points in shopping malls, so that the maintenance of the car can be realized by professionals during everyday shopping. – At the time when you are doing your shopping, we will deal with all your moto-needs – said Krzysztof Soszyński. – Currently the advantages of Motowygoda can be checked in a pilot project realized in Bronowice shopping mall in Krakow. If the drivers accept the programme, we are planning to develop it in every bigger town of the country. 
The whole Conference was summarized by Krzysztof Oleksowicz – originator and company founder. – When we launched one of our projects, Feber Company, construction semi-trailers, for the first three years it was generating losses. A turning point was employing Witold Kmieciak for the position of the President of the company.  We were discussing the way of saving the company on average 5 minutes every day, and now, just a few years later, Feber is a profitable company.  The conclusion is the following: it is enough to have suitable people and good idea to reach a success.  That is why I would like to thank all my co-workers for the past 25 years.  
Of course, no birthday party could do without a cake and a surprise.  There was a cake, and there was more than one surprise.  The first one was a visit of bank representatives of Inter Cars partners, who delivered congratulatory letters for the board of directors.  – Inter Cars is an enterprise with the highest rating in our bank – said Barbara Krakowiak, Corporation Department Director of mBank. – When you grow, we are growing with you. And for this I want to congratulate you. 
The second surprise was a visit of a well-known racing driver Krzysztof Hołowczyc, who has been cooperating with Inter Cars for some time now, and who also wanted to say something to the guests:  – There is such a moment, when one should start celebrating. I am happy to have become the face of Inter Cars and Motointegrator. I love winning, and I want to win together with Inter Cars in this project too. 
Inter Cars is 25 years of great business history. The board of directors and shareholders of the company believe that thanks to partner relationships and professional, full of ideas approach to realized tasks, it will be possible to generate a stable bridge between successes from the past, and the future, completely new, even more impressive business quality and brand value. And on behalf of the editorial office, this is what we wish the company. 
Source: moto. wp. pl